Special Chinmaya Amarnath Temple Hours Nov-24 and Nov-25

Nov 24 (Thursday): 9am to 1pm, 6pm to 8pm

Nov 25 (Friday): 9am to 1pm, 6pm to 8pm

Happy Thanksgiving. No Bala Vihar on Nov-27th. See you on Dec-4th. 

Bhakti Yoga - Gnana Yajna - January 11th to 15th 2021 - Hardcopy and e-book information available - Click Here

No Bala Vihar on March-13-2022 due to late fund raiser. See you all on March-20-2022.

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Our Motto

To Give Maximum Happiness To Maximum People for Maximum Time

Events and Announcements


Bala Vihar®

Sunday Classes and Satsangs for children and adults.

Yogasana, SAT, Language, Meditation, K thru 12 children classes, adult Satsangs


Gita Chanting

Chapter 3, verses 1-43 chanting yajna in Spring 2023

Swamy Ramakrishnananda



Avadhuta Gita

Nov 28th to Dec 1st

swaranjali training icon.png

From Swara to Ishwara

Experience Bhakti through music and dance

Every Friday at 6:30pm

Swaranjali Music and Dance Training


College Application Support

Essay review, interview prep, mock interview - ends Jan 15th 2023


Assembly Prayers

Amazon Smile


Ramayana - Craft your Character

Dec 18-24