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CMP Personal Pujas

Use the enquiry form below and let us know the puja, location and preferred dates and we will get back to you with a confirmation date. If you have any general questions, you can use the Contact Us button to send an email.

You can book your personal pujas to be performed at your home/other-venue or at one of our temples - Chinmaya Amarnath or Chinmaya Sanjeevani. Note: Not all pujas are performed at all the locations. Click on the link to get the exact list of pujas performed at each location.

Tier-1 (1 hr)

($51 at temple / $101 at home)

Car Puja
Chuda Karma (Mundam Ceremony)
Ganapathi Puja
Hiranya Shraddam

Tier-2 (2 hrs)

($101 at temple / $151 at home)

Ground breaking

Nakshatra Shanthi

Navagraha Puja
New Business puja
Satyanarayana Vratam
Shraddam (Annashraddam)
Vasthu Puja - Gruhapravesam

Tier-3 (3 hrs)

($151 at temple / $201 at home)

Aruna prashnapurvaka Surya Namaskaram
Ayushya Homam

Ganapathi Homam

Gruhapravesam & Satyanarayana vratam
Gruhapravesam with Homam
Mahanyasapurvaka Ekadasavara Abhishekam
Nakshatra Shanthi with Homam

Navagraha Homam
Sashti purthi
Udaka Shanthi & Seemantham

Tier-4 (4 hrs)

($301 at temple / $301 at home)

Chandi Homam

Gruhapravesam, Homam & Satyanarayana vratam
Vivaham (Marriage) Half Day

Tier-5 (5 hrs)

($401 at temple / $401 at home)

Vivaham (Marriage) Full Day

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