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Nestled amid the rolling hills and serene tranquility of Western Pennsylvania lies the future home of Chinmaya Amarnath, scheduled to open its doors in Summer 2022.


On October 25, 2016, Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh purchased a beautiful 9-acre lot in Mars, PA located 25 miles north of downtown Pittsburgh.  A city known for its beautiful landscape and multiple rivers, Pittsburgh is also famed for its numerous Indian temples and sites of spiritual learning.  In fact, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, himself, visited Pittsburgh first in 1978 and loved the city’s green, rolling hills and the merging of the 3 rivers. Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh was destined to flourish in this city with the blessings of Gurudev.

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Please contribute to support a cause that will help spread devotion and self-knowledge for generations to come. Every donation is welcome, no matter the amount! All Donations are Tax Deductible:
Tax Exempt Id: 26-0003-216
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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On May 2, 2021, with blessings of Bhagwan Shiva and Pujya Gurudev, CM Pittsburgh conducted the sacred ceremony of Bhumi Puja, asking Mother Earth for her permission to build Chinmaya Amarnath on that site. So rarified an opportunity was that puja that it brought tears to many.


Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh is indebted to the community for its overwhelming participation, as we welcomed Bhagwaan Amareswara, Devi Lalitha Tripura Sundari and Shri Kshipra Prasada Ganapati to our divine city (Aug 17-20, 2022), at Chinmaya Amarnath. Devotees came from as far as Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Georgia & Virginia to witness the Vedic rituals, pujas, homams and other sacred functions. The number of devotees far exceeded our expectations and we are grateful to everyone who came and participated in the festivities & celebrations. Many of our volunteers received good wishes, congratulatory & ‘thank-you’ messages and even blessings from members of the community, but we can confidently say that none of this would have happened without the grace of Bhagwaan, blessings of Pujya Gurudev and positive vibes and participation from our community members. We also would like to apologize & request for your forgiveness for any inconvenience caused during the event. On Oct-24, 2022 - we opened up the temple to public on the auspicious occasion or Deepavali.

As a Temple, Chinmaya Amarnath is the home of Bhagwan Shiva in the Linga form of Amareswara Swami, Devi Parvati in the form of Devi Lalitha Tripura Sundari, Shri Ganesh in the form of Kshipra Prasada Ganapati. In this city teeming with temples, Chinmaya Amarnath is the first temple dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva.  The center is also home to Navagrahas and we will have space set aside for additional vigrahas in the future. This will be an opportunity to connect with Bhagwan and Devi and also with our Inner Self in a serene meditating room with the meditating form of Shri Jagadeeshwara.

As a Vedantic Center, Chinmaya Amarnath will continue its core mission “To provide to individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society.”  Bharat is the original source of Vedanta, the world’s most ancient spiritual foundation. It is universal in its applications and relevant to all nations, races, cultures, and ethnicities. In brief, it is the basis for universal happiness. Chinmaya Amarnath will have 11 classrooms to conduct Bala Vihar® classes and workshops and a grand auditorium for discourses for our self-improvement.


As a Community Center, Chinmaya Amarnath is a 21,000 square foot facility with a large auditorium and dining hall. In ancient Bharat, mandirs/temples were built as sacred meeting spots to bring the society together for cultural and religious events. Beyond being a Center for religious activities and spiritual learning, this Center will bring our community together through important milestone events such as birthdays or marriages, cultural events such as dance and music, and service events to give back to our local community.


Chinmaya Amarnath will transform the city of Pittsburgh, inspire our community with a sense of collective purpose, and reinvigorate our lives so that we may be the very best version of ourselves.


Bhagwan consecrated in the Linga form & named Amareswara Swami


We are now open to Public

Temple Timings

Monday to Friday : 9am to 11:30am, 6pm to 8pm

Saturday, Sunday : 9am to 1pm, 5pm to 8pm

Rentals Available


Dining and Kitchen


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