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Process to update content on this page:

1. To update audio files: Sheela (Bhajans) /Anita (class recordings) sends the file as a direct message in discord to Sobhan and give the album name to add it to

2. To update lyrics : Before the class, Sheela/Sujana to send the lyrics as a direct message in discord to Sobhan. Sobhan will update the pdf file before the class.  After the class, Anupama to update the lyrics folder with annotated lyrics and inform Sobhan. Sobhan will update (a) in-song lyrics for the song (assuming the audio file has been received) and (b) create a pdf version of the lyric file and update it on this webpage.


When any changes are done to this webpage, Sobhan will post a short message on swaranjali channel informing the changes.

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