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SH Parent Satsang Summary - 11132022

Hari Om, This is a quick review of the topics we discussed on 11132022.


Quiz Review

? How many cantos does the Bhagavatham have ?


? Sati was called this name by Bhagwaan Shiva, to indicate her adamant nature ?


? What does Hiranyaksha symbolize ?

Eyes only for material world & consumption

? These 2 brothers were Lord Vishnu's gatekeepers ?

Jaya & Vijaya

? Shiva, Sati & Daksha's story comes in which canto ?

Canto 4


The Sons of Manu & Shatarupa

  • Vidura then proceeds to ask Sage Maitreya about the sons of Manu & Shatarupa. Last week, we saw about Prasooti - Sati's mother.

  • Sage Maitreya recites the story of Uttanapada and his great son - Dhruva.

  • We saw how the king Uttanapada paid special attention to the younger queen - Suruchi, than the first queen - Sunidhi.

  • Sunidhi represents 'Good Vaues, Ethics & Morals'. Suruchi represents 'Pleasing activities & comforts'.

  • Out of Sunidhi (Good Values) is born Dhruva, which means 'aspiration'. This divine power makes sure that our equipment (Body, Mind & Intellect) is used to the fullest and to maximum efficiency.

  • Upon confronted by Suruchi, Dhruva - a Kshatriya, cannot control this insult and goes straight to his mother.

  • The great Jnani that she is - Sunidhi does not lose her calm and asks Dhruva to seek God and pray to Him.

  • We saw the compassion of Lord Vishnu, who is pained at this plight of Dhruva. He immediately sends Narada to 'look after' the child.

  • Narada proceeds to test Dhruva's resolve. Dhruva immediately rejects the advice from Narada to go back home and implores him to help out in this situation.

  • A great lesson for us is that - when our mind id going thru some turmoil, no amount of external distractions can help make that issue go away. Without wasting time, Dhruva asks for assistance from Sage Narada.

  • Sage Narada advises the divine mantra 'Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya' to Dhruva and explains the method of meditation.

  • After 6 months of intense penance, Lord Vishnu finally gives 'darshan' to Dhruva.

  • The little boy utters words of wisdom by acknowledging the presence of the Lord in everything and everyone.

  • Dhruva asks for the constant companionship of devotees who always revel in the glories of the Lord.


Resources to Reflect

Srimad Bhagavatham Canto-Chapter Map:

This link provides the list of all the Cantos, Chapters & Topics within Bhagavatham. This should be a handy guide to help us navigate thru this voluminous text.

Chatushloki Bhagavatham (Core 4-Verses of Bhagavatham):

Here is a link to all the 4 verses from the Chatushloki Bhagavatham. Also is included a link to the audio recording.

Hari Om !!

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