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'Chatushloki Bhagavatham' The 4 Main Verses

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Hari Om and Salutations !!!

Any study of Srimad Bhagavatham should ideally begin with the recitation of certain main Shlokas, especially the 4 primary verses recited by Bhagwaan Vishnu to BrahmaJi. These 4 verses are called as 'Chatushloki Bhagavata'.

These 4 verses are supposed to carry the essence of the entire Bhagavath scripture. The 4 verses are 32 to 35 of the 9th Chapter of the 2nd Canto, hence they will be typically denoted as 2.9.32, 2.9.33, 2.9.34 & 2.9.35.

We highly encourage Vedantic seekers to listen, understand, memorize and internalize these shlokas. Here is a recording of these shlokas.

Verse 32: The Lord Says, "Only I existed in the beginning (before any creation). There is nothing gross or subtle (manifest or un-manifest) or anything beyond, which is other than Me. I am all which is visible. Whatever remains after dissolution of the creation is also Me."

Verse 33: Whatever appears to be substantial, besides Me, has no reality by itself. Know this as My illusory power (Maya). It is unreal like a reflection or darkness.

Verse 34: As the five universal elements (fire, water, earth, space, air) pervade everything in the universe and at the same time, they exist without them; similarly, I also pervade everything I create and at the same time, I exist without them.

Verse 35: A person willing to know the supreme truth, should only know that whatever exists eternally (beyond time) and everywhere (beyond space), during the process of creation and dissolution, is the ultimate truth.

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