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SH Parent Satsang Summary - 10302022

Hari Om, This is a quick review of the topics we discussed on 10302022.


|| In Shiva's heart lives Vishnu; In Vishnu's heart lives Shiva ||

  • We entered Canto 4 with the glorious story of Lord Shiva & Devi Sati.

  • The presence of Lord Shiva's tale in Bhagwaan Vishnu's most glorious texts (Srimad Bhagavatham) is a strong indicator of the fact that Vishnu and Shiva cannot be separated from each other.

Is hatred for Shiva possible ?

  • When Sage Maitreya talks to Vidura about Prajapati Daksha and how he was 'famous' for his hatred for Bhagwaan Shiva, Vidura asks a very pertinent question - "What is the source & reason for this hatred?".

  • If the reason for the hatred is wealth - Shiva doesn't possess any wealth at all.

  • If the reason for the hatred is a grand home - Shiva doesn't even have a roof on His head. He lives at cremation grounds.

  • If the reason for the hatred is the attire & jewelry - Shiva wears a tiger skin, applies ash over His body and wears snakes as a necklace.

  • If the reason for the hatred is the company we move around with - Shiva moves about with ghosts, spirits and other 'weird' beings.

  • Maitreya then explains the story of when Shiva doesn't get up in respect of Daksha. This causes an uncontrollable amount of rage in Daksha. His ego doesn't let him forget this 'insult'.

  • He abuses Lord Shiva uncontrollably calling him 'half-naked', 'a mad man', 'someone with monkey eyes', etc.

  • He then announces a grand Brihaspati Yagna that he organizes and deliberately avoids inviting Shiva and Sati.

  • In spite of Lord Shiva explaining to Sati about her wish to go to her father's house, Sati prepares to leave. Lord Shiva calls her by different names such as 'Shobhana', 'Kalyani' and finally 'Daakshayani'.

  • We also saw how the true impediment and roadblock to the path of God is our own family bonds. Sati leaves Bhagwaan after having an argument.

  • When we let our ego take control of ourselves, it suppresses anything Sattvik or Good in us; just like Kaliya tried to control Lord Krishna.

  • Sati realizes her mistake when she arrives at her father's home.

  • After a bitter argument, she refuses to go back to her home (Kailash) in this form - as Daksha's daughter.

  • She acknowledges that she has many impurities to cleanse and decides to take leave from this world.

  • Devi Sati gives up her life and a dejected Shiva asks His army to then proceed & destroy the Yagna.

  • Upon requests from other Devas, Shiva replaces the head of Daksha with that of a Goat. He then beautifully says, "Just as a parent cannot be upset with their children, how can I be upset with all of you ?" The one who has lost his wife, talks calmly about Vedanta.


Next Week

We will complete the 4th Canto this upcoming Sunday with the story of Dhruva, the son of Uttanapada, who was the son of Manu & Shatarupa.


Resources to Reflect

Srimad Bhagavatham Canto-Chapter Map:

This link provides the list of all the Cantos, Chapters & Topics within Bhagavatham. This should be a handy guide to help us navigate thru this voluminous text.

Chatushloki Bhagavatham (Core 4-Verses of Bhagavatham):

Here is a link to all the 4 verses from the Chatushloki Bhagavatham. Also is included a link to the audio recording.

Hari Om !!

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