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4. 10032021 Gita Satsang Summary

|| Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum ||

Dear Friends,

Hari Om !!

The following is a summary of our session held on October 3rd, 2021.

We heard a nice narrative on 'The Purpose of Life' and what do terms like Success and Happiness really mean. Praveen-Ji very eloquently shared what these terms mean at different stages of our life.

As we traverse through the journey of life, we define Success in different ways - Increasing material possessions, ascending certain positions, knowing certain people, etc. But very soon, that doesn't sound enough and ultimately we truly get satisfaction only through Loka-Kalyanam and Seva (Service to Humanity, Thinking of people beyond my near & dear ones, etc). This truly is the vision and goal of a Human Life (Manushya Janma).

Here is a quick reminder of the flow and connection between the 1st 6 chapters:

We were half-way into summarizing the 3rd Chapter of the Gita - Karma Yoga.

We would encourage you to go through the visual flow of this chapter here. You may have to magnify the view to see better.

A 3-Part Principle:

1. The key thing in this chapter is that importance should be given to our Spiritual Index more than our Material Accomplishments, because ultimately, our Spiritual Index will decide our overall peace and happiness in this world AND decide the path in our future journey.

2. This does not mean that Material Accomplishments are to be ignored. Material Accomplishments and Pursuits should be subservient to Spiritual Goals.

3. Finally, the way to connect them is - Material Accomplishments should aid in/support our Spiritual Goals and achievements.

We defined Karma Yoga by first clarifying the different types of Karmas based on the quality of actions and the intent:

  1. Tamasic Karmas: Actions where we benefit, but we end up harming other people. Spiritual Index regresses rapidly.

  2. Rajasic Karmas: Actions which benefit me and my people alone, but not necessarily helps others. Spiritual Index increases gradually.

  3. Sattvika Karmas: Actions where I and my folks may or may not benefit, but society, community and the world at large benefit. Spiritual Index increases rapidly.

Karma Yoga is the discipline in which we aspire to:

a. Increase our Sattvika Karmas

b. Reduce our Rajasic Karmas

c. Eliminate our Tamasic Karmas

There are 4 parts to this great Chapter:

  1. Prince Arjuna's Question/Doubt

  2. Essence of Karma Yoga

  3. Importance of a Shreshta-Acharya (Role-Model) in society and one's life

  4. Conquering the deadly 2-fold Enemy

Let's Define - What really is KARMA YOGA !!!

Karma Yoga is made up of 2 words - KARMA and YOGA.

Karma, in the context of Karma Yoga points to 'Sattvika Karmas' which increase our Spiritual Index.

Then the question is - What are Sattvika Karmas ?!?!

Our Scriptures methodically and so eloquently list out the 'Pancha Maha Yagnas' as a clear guideline for what actions can be called Sattvika Karmas.

Here they are:

  1. Deva Yagna: Rituals, Pujas, Reverence to God. We should perform regular rituals for propitiating the Gods, for mental peace and purity.

  2. Rishi or Brahma Yagna: Study of Shaastras, Yogasana, Self-Reflection and Meditation. We should engage in scriptural study, sharing Vedantic knowledge, reading texts, etc.

  3. Pitru Yagna: Worship and dedication towards our parents, forefathers, elders. We should perform rituals for the forefathers, take care of our elders, parents, maintain contact, show respect/regard/reverence and be there for them.

  4. Bhootha Yagna: We are, but a tiny piece in this cosmic harmony orchestrated by the divine Creator. Bhootha Yagna is a basic acknowledgement and reverence of natural elements like the environment, plant-animal-marine kingdom, rivers, mountains, woods, trees, etc. Without them - we will cease to exist. We shouldn't abuse our natural resources. Let's be sensitive to Mother Nature.

  5. Manushya Yagna: Engaging in social service and offering assistance to our fellow human beings in our community, society, country, world.

This is just one of the many gems of knowledge that our Shaastras offer. This simple guideline of responsibilities and duties simply takes my breath away in how beautifully and compassionately, it covers all aspects of our existence.

The 'YOGA' in Karma Yoga refers to our internal attitude. This can be described in 2 ways:

  1. Ishwara Arpana Buddhi - Offering whatever we do as a gift to Bhagwaan.

  2. Ishwara Prasada Buddhi - Accepting everything we receive as a gift from Bhagwaan.

On Ishwara Prasada Buddhi, we saw a small clip from the movie "Evan Almight" which throws light on a simple yet profound concept - OPPORTUNITY. "When we pray to God for Patience, does God give them Patience or the opportunity to be patient." Beautiful clip, which you can access here.

Next, we will see how Shri Krishna describes as to why we should follow a life of KARMA YOGA.


Dear Friends - Please try to read for at least 10 mins a day. If you have any questions, please let us know. Kindly refer to the summary flow which will give you a good idea about the chapter.

May the divine flute of Bhagwaan play through us to the world around us !!

Sharing a powerful quote from Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda: "What you have received is God's gift to you. What you do with this gift (life) is your gift back to the Lord."

Have a great week, friends !!

Hari Om !!

Praveen, Visveish, Ganesh

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Excellent summary Ganesh! No words to tell about my experience yesterday in the class. I was totally immersed when Praveenji was explaining about the ‘purpose of life‘ and you were going over true meaning of Karma Yoga! I am fortunate to be in this Satsang session.


Suresh Mulukutla
Suresh Mulukutla
03 de out. de 2021

Awesome summary and thanks for putting together these reminders for the things we should be doing (and grateful for) every day!

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