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3/27/22 Mahabharata Class Notes

CMP Bala Vihar® Grade 8A

Class 25 : Summary

  • RAW review: Second Thoughts: What causes us to second guess our decisions after we have deliberated over them and just when we are going to execute - we talked about lack of confidence, faith, and fear of the results. We also brought in Lord Krishna's tips for determining Dharma vs Adharma - we talked about Selfless acts, Maximum benefit and greater good, short term vs long term benefits and most important - personal duty.

  • Story: We concluded Bhishma Parva. The events of the war on day 10 were narrated and the great Bhishma is brought down with the help of Shikhandi.

  • Reflection: We recalled Bhishma's role in the entire epic and analyzed his choices and decisions highlighting how he landed on the other side of Dharma and had to be eliminated. We also reflected on how Arjuna had to overcome his attachment to his grandfather for the sake of Dharma and do the right thing.

  • RAW: Attachment - likes/dislikes: What are you attached to, that comes in the way of you doing the right thing? Think of examples from your life - can be either a like or a dislike - pleasant or unpleasant activity. What tips do you have to overcome this?

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