BV Parent FAQ

1. Bala Vihar Profile : As you have all registered for Bala Vihar, you will all have a unique Family Dashboard that you can access at This is where you can update your family’s details including the information for your children and your selection of languages and/or SAT.  Please update that information before Bala Vihar begins so we can provide accurate information to all the teachers. Just click on Edit Profile button on our home page... 

2. Discord App : Discord is a secure, feature-rich platform that CMP will use to communicate with Bala Vihar families. We will create “channels” for parent-teacher communication of each class. It will soon replace the past system of haphazard email and WhatsApp communications. If you are not already on CMP discord server, join Discord using this link: Once you join discord, you will be asked few questions (name, center and children’s grades, adult satsang) as part of onboarding. We will not be able to add you to the correct parent-teacher group unless you answer those questions. If you do not join discord CMP server, you will miss out on all the communication from your kids teachers. Teachers will exclusively use only discord to communicate with the parents. (If you are already on CMP discord server, we will reach out to you on the BV onboarding channel to get this information).  You can also scan the QR Code below to join CMP discord server.


If you have issues accessing any of the above three, feel free to reach out to Sobhan @ 724-612-6327