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#VedantaEverywhere - Gyana from a Ghazal

'Us Mod se Shuru Karen Phir yeh Zindagi' is a beautiful ghazal by Jagjit & Chitra Singh which I have heard numerous times many years back. The happy and melodious music, rhythm and tune brings back so many memories.

Vedanta is truly everywhere and in this ghazal as well, there is a stark presence of Vedantic concepts.

You can listen to the audio here.

The words and meaning are given below:

This is a conversation between a couple who are reminiscing about their past, the bond they shared with each other, their conversations, dreams, everything.

The Vedantic aspect here is our ability to go beyond the limitations of our Body, Mind and Intellect, when we truly used to think from our hearts. Think of the times when we were with people we loved, maybe just after our engagement or our wedding or even when dating each other. We performed our best when we went above and beyond ourselves.

We accommodated, accepted, appreciated everything to impress our partners. Be it waiting in the rain for an extra hour or hearing their opinion which happened to be totally in contrast to ours or going to the movie in spite of that splitting headache - everything to put forth the best version of ourselves.

Vedanta also tries to tell us to emerge beyond the limitations of our body, mind and intellect

and behave to the best of our abilities.

Let us again start our life from that phase where every moment was enjoyable.

(P.S: My apologies if the translation wasn't quite up to the mark)

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