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We all know that ‘A is for Apple’ and ‘B is for Boy,’ but in Balavihar, the children learn that “A is for Aspiration, B is for Brotherhood, C is for Cleanliness,” and so on. Simple, but fundamental values are taught and emphasized through stories and coloring. Children are introduced to the wonder of Vedanta in an age-appropriate manner through hands-on activities and demonstrations. They learn that just because something is not seen does not mean that it is not there. Therefore, our minds need to be focused to see the beauty within all of us.

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Hari OM Parents ! We started our Alphabet journey from A to G (which we recently finished). G for GOD! During this class, we discussed about some important questions, Who knows GOD? Have you ever seen Him? Have you ever talked to Him? What does He look like? What does He do? Does He have any children? Where does He live? What does God do for us? We also talked about how to thank him. We all agreed about the best way to thank HIM is by praying. On a special note on thanksgiving day, I request all the parents to encourage your children to make sure that they Pray everyday! "If you only say one a day, mak…


Hari OM !

We are grateful to all parents and kids attending the Balavihar Kindergarten classes.

In the 1st class 9/12/21, we got to know our students and each other. We talked about opening prayer, Shri Ganesha Bhajan and closing prayer. The 2nd class on 9/19/21, we learned about 3 important questions, Who is God? Where is God? What does God do?

The 3rd Class on 9/26/21, we learned about the birth of Lord Ganesha, meaning of opening prayer, and How to see God, starting the journey of Alphabet safari ...😀

Karuna & Geethika

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