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Bala Kanda Overview

Having covered so far, the main topics from Bal Kanda of Ramayana, also known as, the period of early formative years in Prince Rama’s life, here is the overview of the content in the form of some interesting questions. We would be reviewing and using questions from this set as we prepare for some interesting games of Jeopardy, Kahoot etc. in our upcoming classes.

Long Lineages (Sri Rama’s Family)

1. In which capital city was Sri Rama brought up?

2. How many wives did King Dasharatha have?

3. Who was Sri Rama’s father and King of Kosala?

4. What are the names of the four sons of King Dasharatha?

5. What are the names of the three queens of Ayodhya?

6. What was King Dasharatha best known for?

Ten Days (Rama, Lakshmana, and Vishwamitra's travels)

1. Which sage took prince Rama and Lakshmana to their first outing?

2. How did Ahilya become a stone statue?

3. Which Rishi cursed his wife to become a stone statue?

4. Why was Ahilya cursed?

5. Who advised King Dasharatha that Sri Rama’s short journey outside Ayodhya would benefit him?

6. What is the significance of Ten Days?

Earth, Wind, and Fire (Rama and Sita’s birth)

1. What was the name of the yagna performed to get blessing for having children?

2. How did King Janaka find his daughter?

3. What did King Dasharatha receive from the yagna as prasad?

4. What goddess was Sita named after?

5. How was the Payasam split among the three queens?

6. Earth, Wind, and Fire is the name of a popular band. What is the significance of the three elements in Ramayana?

An arrow & a bride (Sita Kalyanam)

1. What was the name of King Janaka’s eldest daughter?

2. What was the test that King Janaka required Sita’s future prince to pass?

3. Who challenged Sri Rama to string Sri Vishnu’s bow?

4. Happy Deepavali (free points)

5. In which city did King Janaka live?

6. In which kingdom did Sri Rama break the bow of Shiva Mahadeva?

Halloween in the forest (Rakshasas)

1. How many named Rakshasas/is has Sri Rama encountered thus far?

2. Sri Rama fired an Astra that bundled up a Rakshasa and threw him into the sea. Which Rakshasa was it?

3. Happy Halloween (free points)

4. What was the name of the demoness that Sri Rama defeated?

5. Who was Subhahu’s mother?

6. Why did Sri Rama initially hesitate to kill Tataka?

Hari Om !!

Shantanu & Nishant

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