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7. 10312021 Gita Satsang Summary

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Dear CMP Family,

Hari Om !!

Shubh Deepavali to you and your loved ones !!


Dear Friends, We are right on schedule with our Gita Satsang Syllabus for this year.

Last week (Oct 31st), we completed our review section till Chapter 11 and coming Sunday (11/7) we will start our detailed Satsang and discussions on Chapter 12 - Bhakti Yoga.

By the end of this Balavihar year, we would have completed the study of this divine scripture.

Please continue your study and reflection of the earlier sessions. The Gita resources page (link below) will give you quite a few options for your self-study. We will upload summary-flows for other chapters very soon in the Visual Vedanta page.

Based on our session last week, here are 5 Reflections and 3 Assignments.


These 5 reflections are very important aspects which we discussed these past weeks and it will be very helpful for us to keep these in mind always.

Reflection 1: Jiva Swaroopam (Who am I ?)

We usually think of ourselves as this physical body and that is what generally the world tells us. However, there is much more to it and without understanding ourselves properly, we will not be able to tune/tweak/maintain this wonderful instrument called the Human Body. The following image is the BMI (Body-Mind-Intellect) chart that Pujya Gurudev developed many years back. This helps in understanding complex Vedantic topics.

Reflection 2: Karma Yoga (The Yoga of 'Proper' Action)

Karma Yoga Sadhana is an important guideline or framework for us to live and lead our life. This is an excellent lifestyle principle which will benefit not only us, our immediate family, but also our community, society and humanity as well. Karma Yoga is laid out very clearly as the Pancha Maha Yagnas. In short, we should remember Karma Yoga as PAPA (Proper Action Proper Attitude). The Pancha Maha Yagnas are as follows:

Reflection 3: Definition of GOD

In Chapter 7 - Jnana Vijnana Yoga, Shri Krishna states, defines and explains the term 'Ishwara' or God. This is a term which the whole world struggles to define let alone understand, but in here it is defined very beautifully as Para Prakriti (Spirit Principle) and Apara Prakriti (Matter Principle). A reminder that we will be having a Jnana Yagna in a couple of weeks on this chapter, by Pujya Swami ShivatmanandaJi. Don't miss it !!!

Reflection 4: Jiva Jagat Ishwara

This is yet another fascinating subject. If we have to classify EVERYTHING that we see, experience, heard of, revere, use, know of, etc. it would be these 3 categories. Jiva is the individual, Ishwara is the God principle and Jagat is the world that we experience - not only the physical objects, but the sensory experience as well. There are numerous faiths in this world and the focus of attention is usually on one of these 3 topics. It is either the quest to perfect ourselves (Jiva) OR it is unflinching dedication and devotion to the Almighty (Ishwara) OR it is the respect factor towards the world or nature (Jagat). The amazing thing about Sanatana Dharma, in particular our Vedantic scriptures, is that it not only talks about and embraces these 3 topics, it defines and gives us a framework to understand and maintain proper contact with these 3 entities.

Reflection 5: Jagat as Avataar of God

With the definition of God/Ishwara, we can derive a corollary that this world (Apara Prakriti) is also a form of God and is an Avataar of God. Hence look upon this world (people, objects, circumstances, places) with respect and reverence. The bottom line is - Do not hate anything.


1. Meditate on Saguna Ishwara:

Try to spend some time (15-20 mins) each day and meditate on the Saguna Ishwara of your choice. This is the form of God with attributes. Here is a picture of Bhagwaan Shiva and a music clip link to aid in your Sadhana.

2. Swadhyaya (Self-Study) on the Gita:

Using the resources provided below, continue your self-study of the Gita.

3. Resolve to be Regular:

With our regular & detailed Chapter sessions starting this coming Sunday, let us all resolve to be regular, involved, disciplined and punctual towards our Vedanta Vichaara Sadhana.


Gita Reference Material:

Here is the link to some Gita reference material that you can access.

Quote for the Day:

Question: "How do we treat others ?"

Answer: "There are NO others." ~ Sri Ramana

Have a great week, friends !!

Hari Om !!

Praveen, Visveish, Ganesh

( | 412-916-8780)

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