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3/6/22 Mahabharata Class Notes

CMP Bala Vihar® Grade 8A

Class 23 : Summary

  • RAW review: CM Pledge: We reflected on how the Pandavas lived in Virata and served that country in line with our CM pledge. We scrutinized the thoughts and actions, attitude and virtues of the Pandavas while they spent their 13th year there. CM pledge is indeed a remarkable guide/goal for all of us.

  • Story: We narrated events of the Udyoga Parva. We covered the peace negotiations - including the arguments on the Pandavas side and the Kaurava side. We saw how Krishna tries his best to the very end to avert the war. Now war is immanent and both parties gather at Kurukshetra.

  • Reflection: We reflected on the destruction and dangers of war. Highlighted the compromises the Pandavas were willing to make for the greater good and the stubbornness, selfishness and arrogance of Duryodhana.

  • RAW: Just War: Is there such a thing as a Just War? War vs Peace - how do you decide? Can you cite some examples from modern world history?

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