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2/6/22 Mahabharata Class Notes

CMP Bala Vihar® Grade 8A

Class 19 : Summary

  • RAW review: Value of Preparation: Kids shared their ideas on what they think they would be doing in high school at physical, mental and intellectual levels to prepare for future.

  • Story: We shared a couple of stories related to how Duryodhana remained spiteful while the Pandavas were in the forests and he tried to further hurt them by laying traps for them. We shared the story about Duryodhana's embarrassment with the Gandharvas and the story about him trying to send Sage Durvasa to have dinner at the Pandava camp.

  • Reflection: We reflected on Pandavas' dependence on their Self-effort and God. God and positive forces support the virtuous and the Dharmic. People like Duryodhana fall into the pits that they dig for others!

  • RAW: Backfired: We have asked kids to think about characters from other stories or movies that they know that became victims of their own evil plots.

  • Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12: We learnt to chant shlokas 16 & 17

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