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11/21/21 Mahabharata Class Notes

CMP Bala Vihar® Grade 8A

Class 11 : Summary

  • RAW review: When life throws you a curve ball...: We had a good discussion and reflection points on how to stay calm, collect your thoughts, observe more and dig deep to find a solution and respond and move on.

  • Story: We narrated a couple of adventures of the Pandavas as fugitives - one episode was related to Hidimbi and birth of Ghatotkacha and another episode about the citizens of Ekachakra and killing of Bakasura by Bhima.

  • Reflections: We analyzed the characters of Hidimbi, Bhima, People of Ekachakra, attitude of Pandavas and Kunti. We highlighted Hidimbi's love and sacrifice; the sacrifices of each family in the city of Ekachakra.

  • RAW: 'I SPY .... Sacrifice'': This week kids will spot acts of sacrifice made by others around them such as family members. They can also consider people of different professions and the ways in which they sacrifice. We have also asked them to reflect on why sacrifice is important and if there is joy in sacrifice.

  • Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12: We reviewed shlokas 5 and learnt to chant shloka 6 & 7.

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