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1. Discord App : Discord platform will be used for all CMP communication. If you haven't already downloaded discord app on your desktop and mobile, please do so today and join CMP server using this link - Once you join, you will be enrolled in your class group. For example if you are teaching 2nd grade in Monroeville, you will be part of bv-announcements, bv-teachers, bv-teachers-mv and bv-grade-2-3-mv. We will add the parents from all the students in your class to bv-announcements and bv-grade-2-3-mv. If you are already on CMP discord server, check to make sure you are included in the right groups.

Please install the discord app on your desktop as well as mobile device. (you will not get the best experience if you use discord from a browser). We highly recommend enabling notifications for Discord on your mobile device. Watch this 90 second video on how to setup notifications on your mobile device:

A similar FAQ page has been created for BV Parents - make sure to let your kids know in every class (in every assembly) that they need to look at that page and complete the onboarding process in order to be in the know of whats going on with their kids classes - BV Parent FAQ -


2. CMP Bala Vihar Teacher Dashboard : Teacher dashboard is a portal where you can access your class roster, parent emails and helpful links for your teaching. You can access Teacher Dashboard from our website ( menu under Balavihar. In order to access Teacher dashboard, you need to be logged into our website with your CMP account (this is the same account you use to edit your Bala Vihar profile as well as your puja sponsorship profile). The login button is available on the top right corner (top left on mobile) of our website. If you still do not get access after logging in, try to refresh the page. If you still do not get access, it is possible that there is mismatch in emails, contact @sobhan on discord app. Note Teacher Dashboard is not available from mobile - it can only be accessed from a desktop or a tablet. 

3. CMP Bala Vihar Attendance Module : You can access Bala Vihar Attendance portal from our website ( menu under Bala Vihar. Select your center, grade and click submit. You will get the list of registered kids for your class in alphabetical order. Click the checkmark for all the students present. The data will autosave - no need to click on any save button. You can also uncheck attendance if you need to change. If you prefer, you can also note down the names on a piece of paper and complete this online process after the class. For kids present in your class that are not in the list of registered kids, please add their names and preferably parents name and phone number to the visitors form (available at the bottom of the attendance portal) and click on submit. You would need to do this for each kid in your class that is not there in the registered kids list. We will collect this visitors list on weekly basis and will reach out to the parents top register.


4. Google Workspace Account / Google Shared Drive : Each of you now have a Google Workspace account created. If you are a new teacher, the default password is hariom12345. You can change it once you login to the google account. If teachers from last year need help resetting their passwords, please reach out to @sobhan on discord app. login ID is firstname followed by lastname (no caps or spaces). Here are a few advantages to using your google workspace account:

  • you get 30G of storage space

  • you get unlimited google meet time 

  • you get access to CMP Google Shared Drive


Login with your google workspace account (not your personal google account) and click on this link to access Bala Vihar material :


If you have issues accessing any of the above three, feel free to reach out to @sobhan on discord app. Thanks for taking time and teaching our kids !!

BV Teacher FAQ
(to access CMP digital assets)

1. Bala Vihar Profile : As you have all registered for Bala Vihar, you will all have a unique Family Dashboard that you can access at This is where you can update your family’s details including the information for your children and your selection of languages and/or SAT.  Please update that information before Bala Vihar begins so we can provide accurate information to all the teachers. Just click on Edit Profile button on our home page... 

BV Parent FAQ

2. Discord App : Discord is a secure, feature-rich platform that CMP will use to communicate with Bala Vihar families. We will create “channels” for parent-teacher communication of each class. It will soon replace the past system of haphazard email and WhatsApp communications. If you are not already on CMP discord server, join Discord using this link: Once you join discord, you will be asked few questions (name, center and children’s grades, adult satsang) as part of onboarding. We will not be able to add you to the correct parent-teacher group unless you answer those questions. If you do not join discord CMP server, you will miss out on all the communication from your kids teachers. Teachers will exclusively use only discord to communicate with the parents. (If you are already on CMP discord server, we will reach out to you on the BV onboarding channel to get this information).  You can also scan the QR Code below to join CMP discord server.


If you have issues accessing any of the above three, feel free to reach out to Sobhan @ 724-612-6327

Dr. Uma Purighalla - Yoga.png

Yoga Classes


Dr. Uma Purighalla

Certified Yoga Instructor

Keep your mind healthy & reduce stress through this weekly Yoga class

Every Saturday | 8 to 8:45 am
Chinmaya Amarnath
358 Mars Valencia Rd., Mars PA

FREE for all - No registration fee or session fee

Program Starts - Saturday March 16th, 2024

No walk-ins. Registration required.


All communications will be done through the Discord app that CMP uses. Discord is a secure, feature-rich integrated communications platform CMP uses for all its communication. If you are already on CMP discord server, send us a message and we will add you to the yoga-dr-uma-purighalla channel. Otherwise, use this invite link to join our server. Joining our server would also be a great way to stay in the know of various other events of Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh. 


For 24 years, Dr Uma Purighalla has practiced Internal Medicine in the South Hills of Pittsburgh for Preferred Primary Care Physicians. She graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine and completed her residency and chief residency at Lenox Hill Hospital.  She is now teaching Yoga and its pearls of wisdom regarding health and wellness.  Her website is  Since 2010 she has organized and given many corporate, community-based and St. Clair Hospital affiliated seminars on plant centered nutrition, Yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle precepts, as well as mindfulness practices.  She is board certified in Internal Medicine, received her Yoga teacher training certification from Three Rivers Yoga and lifestyle medicine training through American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  She continues to advance her Ayurvedic health certification through Kerela Ayurveda Academy.  Weaving modern science with ancient concepts of Yoga and Ayurveda has been her lifetime passion passed down from generations.

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