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Kumbhabhishekam Guest Relations

Devotees can use this link to sponsor pujas on-site, they will only be able to use PayPal. Volunteers at the guest relations desk can login with their CMP account and process offline puja sponsorships where you can use cash, check or credit card (using square). For offline sponsorships, it is very important you collect the cash, check or complete the credit card transaction before you click the final step of "Complete offline sponsorship" from the website.

A landing page for the kumbhabhishekam guest relations volunteers.


Puja Sponsorships

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We will offer a discount for families to register for Bala Vihar during kumbhabhishekam. Instead of creating the entire profile, etc., we will provide a quick way to register by giving their name, phone number and email address and making a donation by cash, check or credit card (square). We will update their account profiles after kumbhabhishekam.

Bala Vihar Registration

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Use this to sign up devotees to get our newsletter.

Newsletter Signup

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Ask devotees if they want to join discord. If so, get them to scan this QR code.

Discord Signup

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Use this to check devotee signups for puja sponsorships.

Priest Dashboard

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