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CHYK Pittsburgh

CHYK Pittsburgh provides a spiritual forum of discussion, exploration, and practice of Vedanta for college students and young professionals in the Pittsburgh area. Through vedantic knowledge we can strengthen our lives and achieve happiness.

CHYK Motto

Harnessing Youth Potential through Dynamic Spirituality.

CHYK Mission Statement

To empower the youth with the vision, values, and dynamism for success in all fields.

CHYK objectives
  • To provide a spiritual forum for the age group ranging from post-high school to young professionals

  • To introduce the message of Vedanta to those interested

  • To unite members of this organization spiritually and professionally through satsang and community service

  • To build and develop future leaders for Chinmaya Mission

  • To act as a resource for the Mission family and the community at-large working with and supporting an existing establishment

  • To offer relief in disastrous times to those in need of it

  • To unite and communicate with CHYK centers worldwide in an effort to stimulate the Global CHYK movement